BBH recruitment drive 2008

Remember the ads from a couple of years back that asked, “what do you want to do when you grow up?” typically answers like “I want to be a fireman” “I want to be a doctor” blah blah blah. Nothing really exciting so to speak.

But hey wait till you see BBH’s 2008 recruitment drive, I have to admit it got my attention, it made me crave for more, it subconsciously activate my propensity to tell my all my friends about it (marketers would call it yes you got it viral marketing at work).

Seriously, this is one top advertisement (Well done BBH). if one of the goal (other than to seek recruitment) it definitely suceeded in generating positive word of mouth (at least from me).

Please enjoy the ad below and feel free to share (opps again a victim of viral marketing)



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