When someone sneezes, its a good thing..tell them to sneeze more

One lazy Sunday, whilst on the comfy sofa, received a text message from my twitter account. Blogger Seth Sodin has just updated his blog on Critics – an interesting read I must say.

Service marketers and academia have always advocated that one should not shun complains or negative comments on the contrary one should embrace them. The rationale behind it is your customer is giving you a second chance – he/she is basically say “Hey I like your product and I’m giving you a second chance”. This is where the company can shine by utilizing service recovery techniques. But humans are only humans…I share the same as Sodin and I quote him below.

If you’re a human being and you’re telling the truth, the answer is pretty obvious: you want to know which misguided losers had nasty things to say and you want to know what they said. In fact, if we’re being totally truthful, it’s likely you’re going to take what the critics had to say to heart.


But he adds a spin to it, telling us to ignore the critics, cause even if you heed the advice, they aint going to change – you just ignore them. His suggestion is to engage the “sneezers” instead – a term he used to describe +ve WOM advocates. Does this hold water? Perhaps or perhaps not. One can argue either way. But one thing for sure. Viral marketing especially positive WOM is a very powerful weapon and can unleash VIRUSES for your competitors.


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