Direct Marketing = Service Marketing the way to go forward?

Service marketing has alot of potential in this present economic climate (ok not just this economic climate, in good times as well but especially so now). Afterall proponents of service marketing suggest taking care of the customers and putting customers on top of the pedestal should be the operating philosophy of any firm in order to compete in this clutter marketspace. It will pay dividend in the long term if done correctly.

In the last 10-15 years Asia has seen explosive growth and unfortunately direct marketing was not a key strategic priority for alot of companies. But I do see, moving forward a lot of client’s money shifting towards relationship marketing/direct marketing. Why? in a recession, customers tend to be more focus and value oriented and firms have to do more with less (budgeting cuts – yes you heard it cut, firms still cut marketing budget even research time and time again suggest not too, firms that continue with their marketing investments become even stronger after the recession whilst its competitors lag behind. Oh well here I go ahead – I shall reserve this for another entry).

Ok back to the topic – With the right target at the right time and right place – i.e. customised marketing piece would have greater influence than any generic marketing campaign is my view. Of course ensure that you have a quality product to begin with – one that resonants well with your consumers. With permission based marketing, the probability your client reading it is much higher and hopefully make an influence in positive customer behaviour.

What is happening now in my view is very natural, now that the market is slowing down, its becoming naturally more competitive, clients want to do more with less. And as a result targeted communication becomes more of a priority. simple logic. Treat your customers like pampered beings, once they feel valued, you bet they will keep coming back! You dont want to react this way do you (see picture below). Remember they could spread negative WOM, not something you would like.


What are your thoughts here? Do you think direct marketing has alot of potential especially so in this current economic climate?


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