Top 12 online marketing decisions companies will make in 2009

Datran Media conducted an survey late 2008 and found these 12 most important online marketing decisions that executives will make in 2009; They are as follows:

  • How to engage customers and be more relevant in their everyday lives.
  • The proper way to speak to our customers.
  • How to maximize behavioral targeting in our email and display marketing efforts.
  • How to better leverage email, search and social networking
  • Increasing the budgets for online media in areas such as affiliate marketing, search and email
  • Finding a way to monetize social media.
  • Diversifying our online advertising campaigns to include more emerging technologies
  • We will be discussing going all digital with our marketing efforts.
  • Targeted direct marketing based on user online behavior.
  • The decision to increase on our email marketing spend to enable better segmentation and targeting.
  • To make on-line marketing even more measurable for increasing sales…proving it’s ROI….every dime counts.
  • How much of our offline budget should be shifted to online to supplement what we currently have.

Which of these do you think is the most important? and perhaps what others are important? but one take-away point is social media is on top of most’s radar attenna.


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