Business’s number 1 concern for Social Media Marketing – Loss of Control of Brand

Every presentation I present, every organization I meet, it is without fail the above mentioned subject pops up. Loss of Control of my Brand.

Loss of Control (brand)

Why is this the case? We humans love to control variables (control freaks?), the idea of losing control is something incomprehensible.

Afterall, companies have spent heaps of time and effort (and money may I add) to built and position their brand to what it is today and so the idea that they may lose control of its brand is a BIG thing (and rightly so).

Well what I normally say to them, hey even if you do not enter the social media online landscape, people are already talking about you. What makes you think consumers online are not taking about you and do you know what are they talking about?

Wouldn’t it be good to retrieve first hand candid feedback and improve yourself and perhaps in the process engage in customer engagement and/or turn negative experiences to positive ones.

There are heaps of opportunities out there for you to grab. Ultimately, ask yourself this.

Are you ready to enter as an organization and also where do you customer hang out?

Well its really up to you on how you look at social media, it could be your number 1 enemy and it could be your best friend – all I can say, it offers a magnitude of opportunities for you to further engage your customers and enhance your corporate reputation.

So is social media for you? that you have to ask your self. Loss of control of brand. Well I can say YOU BET! but hey isnt better that you get it and be able to influence it then to let it generate it by itself. Be part of the action!

I’m keen to hear about what is the number one concern you have heard about companies entering the online social marketspace.

There is another one: reputational management – the ability to take care of negative comments – that’s a separate issue which deserves a separate blog episode


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