Langham Hotel (Hong Kong) “Big Deal” Campaign: Sincere Apologies

I am sorry

In my earlier post Social Media Marketing went “wrong”: Case: “Langham Hotel Steps in to Calm Online Storm” (Hong Kong) I wrote about how Langham Hotel’s campaign  triggered a social upheveal online.

A month has passed since the event, it has taught a lesson to all – to take note of cultural sensitivities when engaging in a campaign and that one should not have retreated without an explanation.

I’ve always said that social media is a double edged sword, it can be your best friend and it can be your worst enemy. However having said this, don’t just treat the online marketscape or social media networking to be your foe only and forget the opportunities it entails. Embrace it and treat it an an opportunity to better understand your customers, cause people are going to talk about your brand regardless.

Just yesterday, to my pleasant surprise I received an email from Langham’s director of corporate communication.

Here is snippet of the email and I quote:

The videos were wrong.  You were right to tell us so, and we’re sorry.

I thought that was a very amiable step and one worth applauding. I didnt expect this email (and its sincere apology) but I believe it will go a long way.

People make mistakes but most importantly is that one realizes it and make steps to heal it. For that – you have my respect, Langham, cause you have done just that.

All the best!

Below is the YouTube interview conducted by Marketing Magazine (Hong Kong) with Langham Hotel.



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