Search Engine Marketing Expo Singapore (SMX) – A debrief

Had the opportunity to attend the Search Engine Marketing Expo (SMX) in Singapore. It was a 2 day event where topics on SEM and SEO were presented from individuals around the world.

Fairfax Digital Australia, etc were present – Had a great chat with Gillian Muessig, CEO of SEOMOZ on emerging SEO topics. She is such a character!

The topics presented covered a wide range of today’s hot topics, ranging from social media, SEM for the CEO, Search marketing & the recession & branding, ROI measures (measuring offline success of SEM), and reporting metrics for your boss to copywriting. Very impressive indeed and it would grab any marketer’s attention in relation to digital marketing.

The expo gave a good basic introduction to the world of Search Engine Marketing for individuals or businesses who have not started or just started in SEM.  In my humble opinion, the expo is not really for the more experienced individuals who wish to experience hand ons/practical  in the expo. Well I guess the expo is targeted more for the former audience.

The main take away point from the conference are 1) digital marketing is a Search Engine Marketingforce to be reckon with 2) it has alot of potential (with figures to back it up) and then moving into the future, 3) it will gain a bigger pie share of any client’s budget (with figures backing this trend as well) and 4) SEO is here to stay and its a strategy in itself.

And opps (how could I forget this) oh yes, pull marketing is indeed the flavour moving ahead and the term that Seth Godin came up with “interruption marketing” is now over, now we are living in the world of “invitation marketing”…buyers can smell a sales pitch miles away so should you engage in content marketing or social marketing, just entertain and educate and indirectly you will make the sale – ( has an excellent write up on this titled: Give before you try to get.)

Present generations of net users hate to be pressured and want to just make informed decision and they want products to improve their lives… Businesses have to earn the trust and loyalty of potential customers before they can make a sale (but hey that is not new too as well). But why even more so now, thats because consumers can now “talk” easier about your brand and learn much more about your brand than yesteryears – thanks to digital. 🙂

Well thats all from me now.

P.S. Did you go? Drop me a message if you did.


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