Social Media Monitoring Tools


Here are some of the Social Media Marketing Monitoring tools that I’ve used. Some are pretty good and some not so but nevertheless still works. Try it out for yourself.

Hope this helps.

Social Media Marketing Monitoring Tools

Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

• Google Alerts @ (Generic KeyWord)

• Alert Rank @ (Accompanies Google Alerts)

• Social Mention @ (Targets blogs, forums)

• @ (Targets Twitter)

• Twittrratr @ (Targets Twitter with Sentiments)

• Watchthatpage @ (Monitor Specific Page)

• Lexicon @ (Targets Facebook)

• Backtype @ h (Targets Blogs and Forums)

• Addict-to-matic @ (Create One-stop Page of all mentions) *Love this*

• TechrigySM2 @ (Dashboard – Targets mentions of keywords)

• Board Tracker @ (Tracks Forum Discussions)

• Trendrr @ (tracks everything according to them)

Paid Social Media Monitoring Tools

• @ (Targets ALL social media mentions) – reasonably priced

• Dialogix @ (Targets ALL social media mentions) – mid tier pricing

• Radian6 @ (Target ALL social media mentions) – high tier pricing.

Social Media Trend Tools

• Google Trends @

• Blogpulse @

Please feel free to add to the list for those I’ve missed out. Thanks!


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