Facebook Reach in Singapore: User Vs Marketer (Vs. PR?)

Jon Chin wearing a Facebook user cap:

I am an avid Facebook”er” if there is such a term. I spend hours on it. Its a place where I catch up with my friends (“see whats up in their lifes – their bragging adventure etc) – to find out where they are up to.

Jon Chin wearing a marketer cap:

Sources from Facebook Singapore tells me: “Singapore has 2.4 million accounts and of course 1.8 million log in DAILY”. To a marketer, that means business.

The potential reach & frequency (read impression in the ad world) – woohoo that gets all excited. How can a marketer capitalize on all these to build its brand and people to talk about my brand so I can increase my brand profile and ultimately sales.

Hmm…is there a mismatch here? I wonder…

or is this a space that PR practitioners own after all PR dudes/dudettes say this is “earned” media not a “paid” media space… Did I conveniently leave the PR folks out?…

It seems that authenticity, non-paid means, increased transparency, engaging in conversations – one to many – seems to play into PR strengths…PR helps to “soft-sell” – so should this be a PR thingy? Interesting…

Did I miss out a category of “Jon Chin wearing the PR cap”….

Thoughts? Keen to hear your views…


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